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2023-12-19 02:51:21

In Shadows' Embrace: A Dark Romance Ode

dark romance

The essence of forbidden passion and mysterious love unfolds within the stanzas of 'In Shadows' Embrace: A Dark Romance Ode'. Immerse yourself into a world where the lines between obsession and devotion blur, as the poem 'You Belong to Me Forever' weaves a captivating tale of desire that speaks to the soul's deepest yearning for an eternal bond.

Within the hush of twilight's sigh,
Where shadows dance and passions lie,
A whisper stirs the dusky air,
'You belong to me forever,' a vow so rare.

The heartbeats echo in the night,
Entwined fates in the moon's pale light.
A love so deep, a curse, a gift,
Forbidden fruit from which we sip.

Beneath the stars we carve our names,
In each other's souls, we light the flames.
A secret held in silence's keep,
Our mystery love, too dark, too deep.

'You belong to me,' a haunting claim,
Bound by blood, a fiery chain.
A dance with fate, no turning back,
Our shadows merge, a single track.

Time may pass, but not our bond,
In life, in death, beyond and beyond.
Eyes locked in a timeless gaze,
'You belong to me,' through endless days.

So let the world be lost in sleep,
We'll dive into love's ocean deep.
Our whispered oath, forever heard,
In every touch, in every word.

Come, my love, embrace the dark,
Where only we can leave our mark.
Forevermore, just you and me,
In shadows' love, we'll ever be.


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