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2023-12-19 02:51:21

Embers of Desire: The Night We Met in Hell

Artistic depiction of dark romance

In the shadowy nexus of fate, where the lines between passion and peril blur, lies the remembrance of an encounter steeped in enigma and smoldering desire. 'Embers of Desire: The Night We Met in Hell' weaves a story of a forbidden romance, reverberating through the corridors of the unseen world, slipping into the tender abyss of darkness. This poem summons the allure of a mysterious love, a connection forged in the unlikely crucible of hell, inviting readers to explore the depths of a fervent passion that defies the constraints of the ethereal and the corporeal.

In whispered tones and shrouded nights,
We found solace in hell's burning lights.
Where demons dance and angels fell,
The story began, the night we met in hell.

Our eyes did speak of silent screams,
Entwined we stood in fevered dreams.
A fallen kinship, none could quell,
Breathing fire, the night we met in hell.

The chasm deep of tormented souls,
Our hearts did cross, completing wholes.
In fervent fervor, our spirits swell,
Amidst the flames, the night we met in hell.

Where mortals dread, our love took flight,
Unholy union in the devil's sight.
Amongst despair, our love story tell,
We sealed our fate, the night we met in hell.

Echoes linger of lost lament,
In realms forbidden, our vows present.
In cursed harmony, together dwell,
Forever bound, the night we met in hell.

With iron grasp and tender touch,
Our dark romance defied too much.
Against all odds, we broke the spell,
Emerging whole, the night we met in hell.

So sing the bards of passion's plight,
Where lovers meet in eternal night.
Whispered tale for those who sell,
Their souls for love, the night we met in hell.


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