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2023-12-19 02:51:21

Lips of Venom, Heart So Wraith

An image of a dark romance theme representing the poem 'Your Kiss is My Poison'. The image captures the essence of forbidden passion and mysterious love.

In a world that blends the softness of love with the sharpness of deception, 'Your Kiss is My Poison' emerges as a theme that stimulates the senses and stirs the soul. This poem, titled 'Lips of Venom, Heart So Wraith,' dwells in the realm of dark romance, exploring the intoxicating yet dangerous embrace of a love that is as enticing as it is lethal. The verses below cast an allure of mystery and forbidden passion, beckoning readers to delve into the enigmatic depths of a love that is at once coveted and feared.

In twilight's intimate hush we stand,
Your kiss, a whispered secret, clandestine grand.
Desire's flame flickers in night's soft gloom,
Brewing a tempest in rose-tinted bloom.

Your breath upon my lips, like autumn's chill,
Draws forth a yearning, a love that can't stay still.
But behind that touch, a poison does lace,
A tragic potion in our fevered embrace.

In the dark weaves of our tangled fate,
Your love's elixir, I consume, sedate.
With every touch, with every kiss,
A serpent’s promise of venomous bliss.

An ambrosia so sweet, yet so contrite,
In your arms, I'm lost to the night.
With a heart like a wraith, and lips of despair,
Our love, a ghost in the chilling air.

Yet, I covet the danger in your sigh,
A whispered 'I love you' that sounds like goodbye.
The shadow of death, in your eyes, I spy,
But still, I lean in, with a breathless 'Hi.'

Affliction and rapture, entwined in our song,
Our dance of the damned, where we both belong.
Lips of venom, heart so wraith,
In this poison lies my faith.


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