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2023-12-19 02:51:21

Whispers of Eternity: A Hymn to Unsung Shadows

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There exists a precipice where longing lingers, trembling at the cusp of ethereal and forbidden desires. In the darkest echoes of our hearts, the anguished refrain of 'I Can't Live Without You' resonates with a haunting persistence. It's within this enigmatic realm where our tale unfolds—a dark romance poem capturing the essence of a love too potent to ignore, yet too perilous to confess. Herein lies a tribute to the fervor that dares not speak its name, a journey through verses that weave a mesmeric depiction of passion wrapped in the enigma of shadows. Let us delve into a world where love and agony intertwine in an eternal dance, where every word is a thread binding souls in an unseen harmony.

Amid the whispers of the night's embrace,
The velvet sky our secret meeting place,
Where stars conspire in silence, they dare not speak,
And the moon cradles our love that's never weak.

With every heartbeat, our fates intertwine,
In a fervent rhythm defining the divine,
For in this dance of darkness, I have found,
A love profound where dangers abound.

The cloak of shadows enwraps our souls,
And in its depths, the bell of eternity tolls,
For a passion that lives in whispered tone,
Where 'I can't live without you' is eternally sewn.

Feast unto the night with crimson allure,
On lips of conspiracy, truths demure,
An enigmatic bond sealed in hushed fervor,
In a symphony of silence, our love's curator.

Lament not the daylight's glaring eyes,
For when dusk falls, our yearning never dies,
In the labyrinth of twilight, hearts beat as one,
The cadence of a love that can never be undone.

Thus, in this verse of hidden desire,
A testament to our love's undying fire,
Cast in the mould of mystery and danger,
We remain entwined, love's eternal strangers.


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