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2023-12-19 02:51:21

Gleam Amidst Shadows: A Hymn of Forbidden Love

a single light in vast darkness, a concept art for a dark romance theme

In the quietudes of night, where shadows dance and whispers tell of untold desires, emerges a tale as timeless as it is treacherous—the chronicle of a love that defies convention, yet kindles the darkest corridors of the heart. 'Gleam Amidst Shadows: A Hymn of Forbidden Love' ventures through verse into an ethereal realm of forbidden passion and enigmatic affection, where only a singular incandescence pierces the gloom—a beacon in the veil of night. As the world grows ever darker, it is within this poem that we find a love burning with a clandestine fire, casting a light that both saves and ensnares.

Whence nightfall weaves her sable pall,
And moonless skies proscribe the light,
'Tis you, my beacon, through it all,
Against the tyranny of night.

Amidst the shadows, stark, forlorn,
Where silence speaks in chilling breath,
Our whispered oaths, in darkness sworn,
Deflect the certain hands of death.

The stars above—dense tales they tell,
In cryptic code of cosmic play,
But none can match nor dare dispel
The brilliance of your guiding ray.

For in this chamber, void of day,
Where ardent passions clandestinely swell,
You are the dawn that shuns decay,
The light within my personal hell.

Unknowing eyes might deem it sin,
For hearts to so clandestinely bind,
Yet in your glow, I bask and grin,
And leave their narrow thoughts behind.

What’s love, if not to brave the Dark?
To seek amid despair's strong clutch,
A flame to ignite love’s vital spark,
In your radiance, I find such.

The cloak of night may douse all cheer,
And mar our tale with sorrow’s stain,
But where you shine, my dear, so near,
I find solace and restrain the pain.

Enigma lacing every kiss,
Our bond—a labyrinthine thrall,
In you, I've found clandestine bliss,
'You're the Only Light in My Darkness', my all.

So let the world in blindness grope,
And search for solace in the fray,
Our darkness bound by threads of hope,
Your light, our love—will guide the way.


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