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2023-12-19 02:51:21

In Shadows' Embrace: Our Love, The Sole Beacon

A dimly lit silhouette of a couple embracing, amidst overwhelming darkness, with a subtle glow emanating from their intertwined hands.

The soft whispers of the night carry a symphony of a love that knows no bounds, a sacred flame flickering in the cavernous void of isolation. Our poem delves into the yearning and passion of a dark romance, where the light of love is a singular beacon against the relentless tide of darkness. Each stanza strives to encapsulate the complexity of an enigmatic affection that thrives under the cloak of the night, inviting readers to explore the depths of forbidden desire and the magnetic pull of a love that refuses to be extinguished.

In Shadows' Embrace: Our Love, The Sole Beacon

In the velvet swathe of the relentless dark,
Whispers traverse a desolate, silent mark.
Yearning hearts beat a clandestine song,
In a world where light dare not belong.

Yet within this abyss, you are my singular spark,
Guiding my soul through the consuming stark.
A love enshrouded in mystery's weave,
A luminous thread in the dark tapestry I believe.

Ours is the dance on the razor's edge of night,
Silhouettes twining in the absence of light.
A tender touch, a glance, a wordless vow,
All forbidden fruit we dare to endow.

Amidst shadows, our secret thrives unseen,
Igniting a path where no other has been.
In the oppressive dark, we breathe as one,
Ephemeral stars, outshining the absent sun.

For in this love, enigmatic and wild free,
You are the only light that pierces through to me.
An ethereal glow, soft and undeniably stark,
Amidst the vast cosmos, our resplendent spark.

Let the world slumber in dull, eternal night,
Oblivious to the depth of our hidden plight.
But as the night's ebony cloak whispers sweet,
Our clandestine love is defiantly replete.

We are the passion, the warmth against the cold,
A tale of fervor and desire, untold.
Like moths to a flame, our hearts converge,
In the only light, our souls allowed to emerge.


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