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2023-12-19 03:36:00

Whispers in Shadows: The Cost of Forbidden Love

Dark romance

Amidst the twilight of chance encounters and the shroud of secrecy, 'Whispers in Shadows: The Cost of Forbidden Love' takes us on an evocative journey through the depths of a mysterious and dark romance. Unveiling the steep price that hearts pay in the pursuit of a love that transcends boundaries, this poem stirs the soul with its poignant verses. Forbidden passion, with its allure and danger, dances through the lines, drawing readers into the intoxicating reality where love comes with a tag—a tag often too costly to bear.

Within the velvet night where secrets dwell,
Enshrouded hearts in silent whispers tell
Of yearning's fire, a clandestine flame,
Lit by desire with no name.

The ebony sky, our secret's shield,
Under its watch, to temptation we yield;
Amidst the hushed, our breaths confide,
The price of love we dare not hide.

Two souls intwined by fate's rough sea,
In stolen moments must agree,
That love's own coin is pain and pleasure,
Their currency, a hidden treasure.

Unveil the cost, oh tender night,
The weight of love in absence's light;
What toll exacts such sweet refrain,
When every kiss is wrapped in pain?

A forbidden dance 'neath waning moon,
Lovers entwined, a silent tune.
Each move declares what words can't say,
The price of love, when dark holds sway.

Behind closed doors, a world apart,
Where shadows echo each beating heart.
Here lie the depths of passion's fire,
The Price of Your Love—our dark desire.


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