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2023-12-19 03:36:12

Shackles of Desire: Our Enigmatic Entwined Hearts

Artistic illustration of dark romance, mysterious love, and forbidden passion

In the shadows of the soul, where love and danger often intertwine, lies the unspoken narrative of hearts entrapped by the very essence of their affection. 'Shackles of Desire: Our Enigmatic Entwined Hearts' is a poem that delves into the depths of dark romance, where the bonds of love are as constricting as they are coveted. It is here, in the poetry of the night, that we explore the enigmatic territory of forbidden passion, skirting the edges of societal norms, to paint a portrait of amore wrapped in the bondage of our own making.

Whispers in the gloom, a tender snare,
Pulses sync in the forbidden air,
Silken threads of care, craft our chains,
In the bondage of our love, sweet pain remains.

Locked in gaze, our secrets fiercely held,
The tempestuous dance of souls meld,
Darkness cradles us, in love's abyss,
Lips find purchase, in a treacherous kiss.

Yearning's grip, too fervid to untie,
Our silhouettes, a silhouette 'gainst twilight sky,
Shadows play, a carnal sonnet's birth,
Our passion stands, against the judgement of the earth.

Chains of ardor, writ on flesh, unseen,
Strangers to daylight, in nocturne we convene,
Touch, a language, binding us more than words,
In the thrall of our union, freedom flies, unburdened birds.

Veins hum, the vow of an ancient rite,
Bound together, we brave the encroaching night,
'Til dawn's intrusion, severing tender tethers,
But come dusk, once more, we're bound forever.

Bondage of our love, a clandestine affair,
With every heartbeat, the proof of care,
For in this dark embrace, where we both reside,
It's not in release, but in bondage, we confide.


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