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2023-12-20 03:52:04

Whispers in the Shadow: The Dragon's Coveted Heart

A dark, mystical dragon guarding a treasure with an atmosphere of forbidden romance

In the realm of mysterious legends and arcane lore, tales of dragons and their coveted treasures abound. Yet, what lies beneath scales and fangs, beyond the glimmer of hoarded gold, is a story that entwines the raw ferocity of a dragon with the delicate tendrils of dark romance. This poem, 'Whispers in the Shadow: The Dragon's Coveted Heart,' delves into the essence of forbidden passion, where love and treasure blend into a narrative of allure and intrigue. Through well-crafted stanzas, we explore the tender connection between a mortal's yearning and a creature's eternal watch over riches untold, capturing the indelible mark of a love that transcends myth and reality.

Whispers in the Shadow: The Dragon's Coveted Heart

In shadowed groves where whispers weave,
The tale unfolds of hearts deceived,
A dragon guards with eyes aflame,
A treasure more than gold or fame.

Its scales do shimmer with the night,
Each breath a song of fearsome might,
Yet 'neath its breast, a secret beats,
A love that pulses, fiercely, sweets.

A mortal dares the cavern's mouth,
Enticed by legends from the south,
But finds not coins of ancient mirth,
Instead—a love of priceless worth.

Forbidden is the tender tryst,
Between the scales and human wrist,
Where fingers trace a silent vow,
Underneath the dragon's brow.

Coveted heart, so fiercely kept,
Within dark's treasure, silently wept,
In draconic eyes, she sees her fate,
A bond ensnared 'twixt love and hate.

Embers of passion spark and spread,
In labyrinthine hearts, unnoticed fed,
The dragon's trove, in silent call,
To love's embrace, may yield it all.

The whispers in the shadow tell,
Of love's sweet prison, passion's cell,
For in the dragon's guarded spleen,
Lies the treasure, unseen, serene.


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