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2023-12-21 05:31:39

Embers of Yearning: A Poem for the Fire of Lost Lovers

A silhouette of a couple embracing with a backdrop of flickering flames, evoking a sense of dark romance and mystery.

In the somber whispers of twilight, there exists a ballad so entrancing and poignant that it resonates with the hearts of all who have tasted love's bittersweet flavor. 'Embers of Yearning: A Poem for the Fire of Lost Lovers' is not just a collection of verses; it's a journey through the depths of passion, the heat of ardor, and the inevitable ashes of a love that burns too fiercely. Prepare to be captivated as we delve into this dark romance poem that adds fuel to the flame of desire and heartache.

In the haunting hush of evening's fall,

Where shadows dance, and nightbirds call,

A tale of love ignites the sky,

A poem for the fire, where hearts lie.

The blaze began with a spark so faint,

A meeting of souls, without restraint,

Two lovers fused in passion's game,

Boundless, wild, a fervent flame.

Days spun gold in love's fierce clasp,

Nights ablaze in an ember's grasp,

Each kiss a spark, each touch divine,

Engulfed within a love so fine.

But flames that climb too high must fall,

And stars that shine too bright do pall,

The firestorm of their love, though pure,

Could not in earthly bounds endure.

The smoke did rise, a ghostly sign,

That love so fierce could turn malign,

An inferno's heart, once wildly free,

Burned out, its ashes thrown to sea.

Yet in the silence after the burn,

Amidst the ruin, they soon discern,

The warmth of embers, soft and low,

A tender glow beneath the woe.

And so they lay in smolder's hold,

Dark romance within the cold,

Their whispered dreams, like sparks, take flight,

A poem for the fire, through the night.


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