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2023-12-21 05:33:07

Poem for the Bronze: Embrace of the Sorrow's Edge

dark romance themed visual representation entitled Poem for the Bronze

In the dim light of love's fading dusk, where shadows cling to the withered husks of spent passion, lies a tale woven in the somber threads of dark romance. 'Poem for the Bronze: Embrace of the Sorrow's Edge,' is a poignant ode to the melancholic allure of love unyielding to time's cruel rust. This poem delves into the heart of longing where sentiment's patina becomes its most treasured aspect, turning bittersweet memories into an enduring testament to love's enduring, yet tarnished, beauty.

In the silence of twilight's last sigh,
Where whispers of love are a breath's fragile cry,
A Poem for the Bronze echos through time's narrow ledge,
Tracing the contour of each sorrow's edge.

Two souls intertwined with fate's dark thread,
Their hearts bound by vows softly said,
But the gleam of youth fades to a somber glow,
As love faces the twilight, and passions slow.

Through the veil of tears and the shroud of years,
They hold to each other, casting off fears.
The ember of affection in the bronze of their gaze,
Affirms the devotion that endures the malaise.

For it's in the waning of luster so bright,
That true romance bares its might.
In the patina of moments shared,
The 'Poem for the Bronze' is lovingly declared.

So let this dark romance verse hold you entranced,
In the arms of a love that has always advanced.
Through shadow and highlight, through joy and through pain,
A bronze-hued poem, in the heart will remain.


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