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2023-12-21 05:33:07

Whispers to the Sapphire: A Dark Romance Poem

A dark romance themed image depicting a sapphire

Within the velvety embrace of the night, stories untold weave through the whispering wind, carrying echoes of a love both forbidden and fiercely coveted. The 'Whispers to the Sapphire: A Dark Romance Poem' invites readers into a world where passion is as deep as the darkest blue of the sapphire, reflecting a love that defies the light of day. Embrace the enigma, as each verse unfolds the layers of an ancient romance engraved across the twilight canvas.

Whispers to the Sapphire: A Dark Romance Poem

In a realm where shadows blend with sighs,
A love as deep as the ocean's cries.

Vows etched upon the heart’s pure lore,
The sapphire’s gleam, our love’s encore.

Our fingers touch, the world falls mute,
Time dissolves in our tender dispute.
Embrace the night, our clandestine meet,
Your sapphire eyes, my soul's complete.

Whispered dreams on twilight's seam,
We dance, entwined, in love's extreme.

Yet fate's cruel snare, a barrier wrought,
Our passion's flame, in its web caught.
Through the dark, our secret yearning,
For a timeless love, the stars are burning.

As dusk lays claim to love’s deep cries,
The sapphire’s glow never dies.
In each other’s arms, we find our keep,
In the realm of night, where angels weep.

So hear my words, my sworn affection,
For you, my love, Poem for the Sapphire's reflection.


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