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2023-12-22 03:51:18

Whispers of a Fallen Angel: Eclipsed Heart Verses

A hauntingly beautiful image depicting the concept of a fallen angel, with a dark romantic atmosphere suitable for a poetry anthology cover

In the shadowed realms of ethereal verse, our pens give life to a poignant 'poem for a fallen angel', invoking the mesmerizing essence of a celestial being cast from grace. 'Whispers of a Fallen Angel: Eclipsed Heart Verses' is an anthology of dark romance poems that unravel the complex tapestry of love, loss, and redemption through the lens of a celestial tragedy. Beckon your heart into a realm where light and darkness merge, and where every line throbs with the heartbeat of a fallen seraph.

In the velvet sky, where stars once sung,
A seraph's cry, from heaven flung.
Through realms of night, on wings torn asunder,
'Neath crescent moon's soft, sullen wonder.

Enthralled in gloom, in silence bound,
Upon the earth, she found profound,
A mortal's touch, with sable eyes so deep,
Stirred within, a love too fierce to keep.

Her halo dimmed, her glory spent,
Yet in his gaze, she felt content.
For in his arms, a solace sought,
Amongst the chaos, her heart was caught.

From heavenly choir to nightingale's song,
In their embrace, where they belong.
A ballad bleeds from twilight's page,
A fallen angel's love, an ageless stage.

For hidden 'neath her blemished feathers,
Lies the tale of two kindred weathers.
He, the shadow to her fading light,
To hold her close, through eternal night.

So, readers dear, through this darkened rhyme,
Feel the pulse of a love, timeless as thyme.
A symphony of whispers from a love so tender,
Lines for the angel, who to darkness did surrender.


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