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2023-12-22 03:51:18

Whispers of Love: A Poem for a Ghostly Bride

An ethereal ghostly bride, fading into the mist, with an aura of dark romance.

In the realm of dark romance, the haunting tale of a ghostly bride carries an air of melancholy fused with eternal love. The following verses unravel a spectral love story, capturing the essence of an undying bond beyond the veil of mortality. Our poem, 'Whispers of Love: A Poem for a Ghostly Bride', merges the eerie with the enchanting, inviting the reader into a world where love endures even in the specter of absence.

The moonlit chamber whispers soft,
A tale of vows forever lost.
Her silhouette 'gainst the stone wall cast,
A ghostly bride, in love’s sweet grasp.

In the stillness of the night,
She glides where lovers once alight.
Through the halls of time, so vast,
A veiled figure, echoes of the past.

An ethereal touch, a silent plea,
Her heart entwined with memory.
In her eyes, the stars do shine,
A sorrowed love, both deathless and divine.

For she waits evermore,
Her spirit pacing the cold floor.
Till her lover’s phantom dares to tread,
To once again kiss the bride, undead.

Oh, love that crosses the spectral tide,
A bond that death could not divide.
A poem for a ghostly bride so true,
Within these lines, her story we imbue.


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