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2023-12-22 03:51:18

Abyssal Affection: A Dark Romance Poem for the Mad Scientist

dark romance symbolic illustration for a mad scientist themed poem

In the unexplored crevices of the heart, where passion and intellect intertwine, lies the haunting terrain of dark romance—a genre that dares to delve into the profound connection between affection and madness. 'Abyssal Affection' is an ode to the enigmatic love that blooms in the shadows of the laboratory, a dark romance poem dedicated to the archetypal mad scientist, whose quest for knowledge often eclipses the conventions of conventional amour.

Within the steel-clad walls of ingenuity,

Where beakers bubble with emotions unseen,

A timeworn heart, once pristine and keen,

Pulses with a dark romance, so obscenely.

The vials of feelings, opaque and grand,

Distilled to their essence, this love's demand,

Among electrodes and gears, a pale hand,

Reaches for another, a connection unplanned.

Under the flicker of a lone fluorescent light,

Eyes pierced by brilliance, a gaze so bright,

Flesh meets metal in the still of night,

A mad scientist's love takes flight.

In whispers of steam and silent incantations,

The bond grows deeper, past all rational expectations,

A dark romance locked in scientific acclamations,

A love alchemical, defying all limitations.

Interwoven with wires, the passion is told,

In the quiet hum of machines, so controlled,

Enveloped in darkness, devoid of the scold,

Of a world that deems such love too bold.

Let this poem be a tribute, an amorous thesis,

To the mad scientist, whose love never ceases,

Within the bubbling beakers, a masterpiece increases,

Abyssal affection—where dark romance releases.


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