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2023-12-22 03:52:14

Whispers of Shadow: A Dark Romance Poem

dark romantic poem, an enchanted possessed doll in midnight tones, against a vintage gothic setting

In the realm of poetic darkness, where the macabre dances with the delicate, there exist tales whispered only by moonlight—stories of love that flourishes in the shadows. 'Whispers of Shadow: A Dark Romance Poem' is a haunting piece that delves into an otherworldly romance between the ethereal and the possessed. Through verses that weave a disturbing yet beautiful tapestry, we explore the enigmatic affection between a mortal soul and a doll, ensnared by spirits. Embark on this lyrical journey, where love knows no bounds and the heart beats in sync with the supernatural.

Draped in velvet darkness, beneath a crescent's silver gleam,
A porcelain visage, still as night, enchants in haunted dream.
Her glassy eyes, they beckon me—possessed, they seem to call,
Entwining fate with threads unseen, my heart begins to fall.

Her touch, though never felt, does burn within a spectral flame,
A dark romance, 'tis birthed from depths where mortal words are lame.
A soul ensnared by silken cords, a puppeteer unseen,
My possessed doll, my twisted love, a nightmare or a dream?

In whispers soft she speaks to me, her lips of painted hue,
Though voiceless, still her essence breathes—a love that's stark and true.
The midnight's choir sings for us, a ballad old as time,
A macabre dance we share, replete with passion's eerie chime.

This love, a gothic poem penned with strokes of fear and lust,
Together bound in darkened romance, yielding to the dusk.
Enchanted by her timeless curse, I'm lost without reprieve,
For in her spellbound presence, I find my soul believed.


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