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2023-12-22 03:52:14

Whispered Howls: A Dark Werewolf Romance Poem

Enigmatic image capturing the essence of 'Whispered Howls,' with undertones of dark romance and the mystical allure of a werewolf under the moonlight.

In the twilight realm of longing and lycanthropy, where love treads a perilous path, emerges 'Whispered Howls,' a poem that lures readers into the enigma of a dark romance between a human soul and their werewolf mate. This piece traverses the elusive dance of passion and primal instincts, as it weaves a tapestry of desires as old as the moon itself.

Amidst the silvered shades of night
Where shadows intertwine with light,
There stirs a hunger, fierce and wild,
A yearning in the dark, beguiled.

Her whispers on the wind do glide,
A gentle touch that can't abide,
For in her gaze, a flame does burn,
A fire for which a beast doth yearn.

Through woods that wear the night's soft cloak,
A werewolf's heart the silence broke,
With howls that speak of love's dark chase,
And yearn for her, his human grace.

The lunar dance, they both partake,
In shadows' clasp, they both awake,
To a romance born from feral dreams,
A love that is as it seems.

For in her eyes, he finds his peace,
In his embrace, her fears cease,
A dark romance poem, their tale weaves,
A bond that every full moon breathes.

Together 'neath the argent light,
Two souls converge in love's great plight,
A human heart and beast entwined,
In whispered howls, their lives are signed.


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