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2023-12-22 03:51:28

Whispers of Shadow: A Dark Romance Poem for a Hollow Smile

dark romance poetry

In the fleeting moments where the light dims and the shadows take hold, whispers of an uncommon love story begin to unfold. 'Whispers of Shadow: A Dark Romance Poem for a Hollow Smile' invites you to peer into the depths of a love that dances with darkness, where passion intertwines with the mystery of the night, and smiles may not be as they seem.

The night, a tapestry woven with secrets,
Where lovers' hearts beat in a silent duet.
Moonlight kisses your hollow smile so cryptic,
A vow of passion, in shadows, we set.

In this dusky realm, amidst the roses so black,
Thorns draw blood, a testament of the heart.
A dark romance, where light need not backtrack,
For even in obscurity, we refuse to part.

Your touch, a caress from the labyrinth of dreams,
Brings life to my soul, so cold without you.
Your hollow smile, not as empty as it seems,
Enchants me under the heaven’s dark hue.

Forbidden whispers, the poet’s sorrowful muse,
A symphony of love that the daylight shuns.
For in each despairing smile, a secret ensues,
A tale of two souls eclipsed by none.

Whispers of Shadow, our dark romance resounds,
Embracing the void where forbidden love thrives.
A hollow smile, but in it, our affection abounds,
In verses of the night, our devotion survives.

This poem, a sonnet to the enigmatic delight,
Of a dark romance born from a hidden smile.
To love in the darkness, our eternal plight,
Where hollow smiles and yearning hearts beguile.


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