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2023-12-22 03:51:28

Whispers of Farewell: A Dark Romance Poem

dark romance, abstract art, atmosphere of a final goodbye

In the hushed aisles of forbidden love, the most haunting stories often culminate in a final adieu. Within the veiled corners of passion and darkness, 'Whispers of Farewell: A Dark Romance Poem' emerges as an ode to the bittersweet symphony of a concluding embrace. This enigmatic piece weaves a tapestry of emotion, artfully exploring the depths of desire intertwined with the inevitability of parting.

When twilight weaves its somber thread,
And shadows cloak the heart's dread,
A love born 'neath the waning moon,
Destined to part too soon.

Their whispers soft as death's caress,
Two souls entwined in dark finesse,
With every touch, a silent plea,
This dark romance poem, their final decree.

A love that burns with forbidden flame,
Illuminating a path of shame,
Yet, in its glow, they found reprieve,
Until the dawn a last goodbye, they grieve.

And as the stars fade out of sight,
Their tale ends in the waning night,
No more to dance in evening's gloom,
Their final adieu, a dark rose in bloom.

So let this poem be their eternal script,
A testament of love, too quickly eclipsed.
In every line, a tear is shed,
For the dark romance that lies ahead.


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