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2023-12-22 10:14:41

Poem for the Broken Angel: Whispers of Fallen Grace

An illustration of a dark angel with broken wings, embodying a gothic romance theme.

Within the realm of dark romance, there lies a tale of an ethereal being whose wings have withered, a testament to a love both profound and forbidden. ‘Poem for the Broken Angel: Whispers of Fallen Grace’ intertwines the heart's lament with the splendor of the obscure, weaving a poignant narrative through verse that clings to the souls of those who dare to empathize with the celestial fall.

Oh, Broken Angel, shadowed by despair,
Whose wings, once bold, now shred and tear.
Thy grace, though marred, holds stories untold,
Of love’s fierce grip, and hearts that fold.

In twilight's embrace, thy tears do gleam,
Whispering secrets, a forsaken dream.
Yet still, thou walk’st the mortal coil,
Amidst the chaos, the turmoil.

For ardor’s curse has clipped thy flight,
A prisoner of the encroaching night.
No solace found in heaven’s gate,
Bound by the threads of a cruel fate.

But lo, within thy chest, a fire
That quells not, 'neath grief or ire.
A heartstrings' ballad, softly sung,
Persists when all is lost and done.

O Broken Angel of the dusk,
Whose love was swallowed in the husk,
Fear not the end of thy sweet sorrow,
For in love's depth, hope’s morrow.

Thy whispered plea to stars above,
A yearning for the lost beloved.
Doth carry on the winds of time,
A mournful yet enchanting chime.

Broken Angel, fret not your plight,
For in your darkness shines a light.
Eternal love, forever sewn,
Into the fabric of the unknown.


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