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2023-12-24 08:38:48

Poem for the Twisted Fate

dark romantic and evocative fantasy artwork

In the labyrinth of love's most obscure corners, there exists a pained beauty in the twists of fate that bind two souls in dark romance. 'Poem for the Twisted Fate' seeks to unravel the enigmatic allure of this love through a collection of verses that bleed with passion and longing. Each stanza is a caress on the shadowed heart, a whisper to those entangled in love's complex web, ensnaring and unyielding.

In the shadowed grove of heart's deep nigh,
Where twisted fates like ivy entwine,
Our souls speak in silence, a love that's blind,
To the world's chide, to the cruel time.

Thy cryptic smile, a siren's call,
Lures me into thy eldritch thrall.
As nightshade blooms 'neath the waning moon,
So flourishes our love, a foredoomed boon.

Through sepulchral whispered promises bound,
We dance on fate's edge, in darkness crowned.
In each other's gaze, stars doth fall,
For this love is ours, the most bewitching thrall.

Yet, e'en as tempests rage and oceans roar,
Our passion, a phoenix, from ashes soars.
Cursed to desire, blessed to feel,
Upon this twisted path, our fates doth seal.

And if, perchance, the morrow doth wane,
And our love be naught but heartache and pain,
Still, in these verses our tale resides,
A testament of love, where darkness abides.


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