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2023-12-24 08:38:48

Poem for the Enthralling Nocturne

An illustration capturing the essence of dark romance

In the veil of night's embrace, the hearts yearn for warmth through an allure that often remains unspoken. The 'Poem for the Enthralling Nocturne' strikes the chords of dark romance, weaving through the intricate tapestry of passion and the chilling distance that sometimes accompanies profound love. Enter a world where each verse is a cold kiss, a paradox of despair and affection, longing for an eternal bond amidst the ephemeral.

Roses wither in the frosty glare,
As souls entwine in the night's cold air.
Your whispers, laced with an icy breath,
Conjure love's façade from the grip of death.

Starry shroud and silken moon,
Our hearts croon an ancient tune.
Tethered by the dark's seductive kiss,
We waltz into the abyss.

The frost, it gilds our timeless sin,
As shadows merge where light is dim.
A cold caress, a haunting touch,
In love's cruel game, we're etched as much.

For in darkness, truth once spilled,
A love that's fierce, yet strangely stilled.
The cold kiss seals what words resist,
A testament of love — darkly kissed.


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