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2023-12-18 03:56:11

Eclipsed Hearts: The Shadow of Mortal Vows

a dark romance scene depicting vows of death in an eerie, gothic atmosphere

In the delicate dance between darkness and desire lies the potent allure of forbidden love—the kind that whispers promises veiled in the enigma of eternity. 'Eclipsed Hearts: The Shadow of Mortal Vows' is a poem that surfaces the depths of a passion so fierce it flirts with the finality of death. We delve into the realm of dark romance, where lovers sworn to each other for lifetimes beyond count, pledge their hearts with vows that resonate through night's eternal quiet.

Within the looming shadow of destiny's call,
Two souls entwined by night's seductive ball.
Whispered words, a lover's breath so sweet,
Speaking vows of death, their hearts in secret meet.

A love forbidden, darkness their domain,
Each caress a promise, each kiss a bane.
Mortal coils, they willingly forsake,
In twilight's embrace, their eternal oath they make.

‘Till death do us part’ - an oath too frail,
Beyond the veil, their love will never pale.
In the silence of graves, whispers consumed,
Their passion blooms where roses dare not be exhumed.

For in love's deathly grasp, they find their breath,
Dancing together in the masquerade of death.
Entangled fates, a romance that weaves
Through spectral halls where the grieving heart cleaves.

A dark waltz spins, the reaper's gentle touch,
Beneath the moon's pale gaze, they clutch.
Immortal vows, as stars bear the proof,
In the depths of shadows, their timeless love aloof.


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