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2023-12-18 03:58:40

Embers in the Frost: A Dark Romance Poem

A hauntingly dark romance scene, emphasizing the conflicting themes of scorching heat and icy cold, with an air of mystery and forbidden passion.

In the shivering silence of the world where fire and ice dance in a forbidden embrace, lies the tale of 'Embers in the Frost'. This poem delves into the depths of a scorching cold love, a juxtaposition that burns with the intensity of a passionate flame encased in the forbidding chill of heartache. Herein, we explore the labyrinth of a romance that defies norms, whispering the enigmatic story of two souls intertwined by desire yet separated by an insurmountable chasm.

Amid the stark realm where shadows blend,
And winter's breath meets summer's end,
A tale unfolds with warmth so bold,
Yet in its heart, the Scorching Cold.

Whispers of love, fused with frost,
A lover's touch, forever lost.
Passion's fire in the icy hold,
The paradox of Scorching Cold.

In their gaze, a fierce sunset burns,
Yet distance mocks, the earth it turns.
Two entities in night's dark fold,
Alive, apart, in Scorching Cold.

Yearning fuels the flames that grow,
While frigid winds, through heartstrings, blow.
A dance where silent stories told,
Of ardent fire, of Scorching Cold.

The night whispers of a love so fierce,
A bond that time could ne'er pierce.
An enigma wrapped in love’s old gold,
Entwined in the embrace of Scorching Cold.

Forbidden paths their feet have worn,
Through silent snow and sun-scorched thorn.
An odyssey so brave, so bold,
For hearts alight in Scorching Cold.


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