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2023-12-18 05:31:42

Pact of Shadows: An Angel’s Ethereal Plight

An abstract depiction of a devil's bargain and angel's sacrifice, symbolizing forbidden passion and mysterious love in a dark romantic style.

In the dimly lit corridors of an age-old legend, tales of forbidden passions linger, whispering secrets of a 'Devil's Bargain, Angel's Sacrifice, A Hellish Price'. This poetic journey weaves through the intricate dance of darkness and light, where love is ensnared in a web spun of ethereal desires and infernal promises. Let us delve into a realm where the lines between celestial purity and the abyss blur, giving rise to a bewitching verse that captivates the essence of a romance cursed by its very existence.

In shadowed realms where whispers dwell,
Of deals made under a chimeless bell,
An angel fell, her wings afire,
To quench a devil’s deep desire.

Her halo dimmed, his eyes alight,
Their fateful pact sealed in the night.
Two souls entwined, a price to pay,
For love that dared to lead astray.

The devil’s grin, the angel’s grace,
In darkened embrace, they found their place.
Her sacrifice, his cunning lure,
A passion burning, wild and pure.

Yet heaven weeps for purity lost,
And hell, it chuckles at the cost.
For what is love but a torment great,
When sealed with such a twisted fate?

An angel’s plight, a devil’s cheer,
Together bound, year after year.
Their union forged in secret sighs,
Beneath unyielding, starless skies.

So hear the tale of love’s demise,
Where innocence meets its dark surmise.
For every pleasure’s twisted thrift,
Reminds the heart of heaven’s rift.

Do not deal with shadows bleak,
Lest thee, too, a hellish price seek.
For in the depth of love's fierce war,
Lies the echo of a forbidden lore.


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