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2023-12-18 05:31:42

Whispers in the Shadow: The Ballad of Unseen Love

A thematic portrayal of dark romance.

In a realm where emotions travel beyond the senses, 'Whispers in the Shadow: The Ballad of Unseen Love' is a poem that traverses the intricate corridors of a love that defies the ordinary. This captivating dark romance poem touches the soul with its portrayal of a love that is blind, a passion unheard, and a yearning silent yet profound. It symbolizes the complexities of feelings that cannot be seen or heard, yet are powerful enough to invoke a world of emotions. Forbidden and shrouded in mystery, this poem aims to evoke the allure of desires and the agony of love that exists in silence.

Dark Romance Poem

Through the veil of night's caress,
Where shadows cloak the heart's duress,
Blind love treads on with silent steps,
Unseen, untouched by light's ingress.

Deaf ears to warnings, whispers soft,
Sweet nothings floating aloft,
A passion's song, in silence croft,
In muted tones, yet touched so oft.

A mute scream in the quiet deep,
Forbidden love's a secret keep,
Lips sealed shut, no vows to reap,
In fathomless dreams, where lovers weep.

This twisted fate of love unspoke,
In every beat, the heart awoke,
A silent plea in every stroke,
Of brush unseen, in darkness smoke.

Within the echoes of the hushed,
Lies a romance, flushed and lush,
'Neath the moon's pale, gossamer touch,
Our unseen love, in silence crushed.

Yet still we dance, in spectral ball,
Ignoring time's eternal call,
Though sight and sound our love forestall,
Our spirits sing, and to each other fall.


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