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2023-12-18 05:38:31

Nocturnal Whispers: Snow White's Cursed Amour

A dark romantic scene depicting a prince and Snow White with a poisoned apple, blending gothic and fairy tale elements, with a mysterious and captivating aura.

In the shadowy realms of fairy tales, a story unfolds that weaves darkness with desire, an affair of the heart mired in forbidden magic. Between the pages of legend lies an intricate tapestry – the tale of a Dark Prince, an innocent named Snow White, and a singular Poisoned Apple that holds destinies in its fatal grasp. This dark romance poem captures the essence of this enigmatic trio, promising a journey through the somber depths of an enchanted love, a manifestation of mysterious allure and forbidden temptations.

The moon weeps silver, for love's twisted dance,
As shadows twine through this unsettled romance.
Cloaked in night's silk, the Dark Prince awaits,
His hunger for Snow, a fate that berates.

Her skin, alabaster; her heart, untouched snow,
Grace untouched by the world's arduous woe.
Eyes meet in silence, a secret conferred,
In the forest’s embrace, their passion is stirred.

A fruit of deep crimson, like blood's faithful plea,
Lust and death fused in a cursed decree.
A Poisoned Apple, a symbol of plight,
To consume is to wither, in love's brittle night.

Their whispers, nocturnal, weave the air thick with sin,
For what's sweeter than fruit, laced with darkness within?
Each forbidden touch, an ephemeral flame,
A bond sealed in shadows, passion's dark game.

Yet love, in its ardor, defies the cold dread,
Snow White's tender lips approach with no thread.
She tastes the poison, the Prince's heart swells,
Within her veins pulses, a love story’s spells.

In twilight's soft prison, two souls intertwine,
Grim fates altered forever by design.
For even a Dark Prince may shade love's delight,
His Snow White, now sleeping, ‘neath stars burning bright.

As dawn skims the kingdom, with hope on its heel,
The Prince’s true kiss, a plea to repeal.
For their love story inked, in the annals of night,
The Poisoned Apple's curse, surrendered to light.


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