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2023-12-18 05:38:31

Crimson Sorrow, Obsidian Love: A Pale Blossom's Tale

An artistic representation of a black heart, red tears and a white rose symbolizing dark romance and forbidden passion.

In the shadowy dance of passion's dark embrace, tales spun from the threads of forbidden love weave the most enigmatic tapestry, telling of a romance fraught with sorrow yet so tantalizingly alluring. 'Crimson Sorrow, Obsidian Love: A Pale Blossom's Tale' is a captivating dark romance poem that delves into the complexities of a love that dares not speak its name, symbolized by a black heart, red tears, and a white rose. As we traverse the lines of this hauntingly beautiful verse, we are reminded of the thin veil that separates desire from despair and how mysteriously love can manifest in the most unexpected forms.

In twilight's gentle suffusion,
Where shadows kiss the day's conclusion,
There lies a heart, once pure, now tart,
Bathed in hues of love's dark art.

Black as night, yet fairer still,
It beats beneath a will distilled,
With passion's ink, it writes in sync,
Of love's sweet poison that we drink.

Tears of crimson, from eyes that weep,
For promises too frail to keep,
They cascade down, without a sound,
Where silent sorrows are profound.

A gentle rose, oh so white,
Clutching secrets in the night.
Its petals hold a tale untold,
Of love's fierce fire that can't be controlled.

Thorns that prick the tender skin,
The cost of passion's sweetest sin,
Their sharp caress, 'neath night's dress,
Aligns the heart and its duress.

In this ballad of the night,
Each stanza holds the lovers' plight.
Between each line, their stars align,
Within the dark, their souls entwine.

Thus here we stand, our fates dispensed,
By love's strange whims, we're recompensed.
For in this tale of shadow and hue,
Black hearts bleed red, as love rings true.


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